Overview of Medical Mycology



To provide an overview of medical mycology for clinicians dealing with patients with fungal infections.


Length of the course:

The course is run over one day.


Who should attend?

The course is aimed at clinical scientists, specialist registrars and junior consultants who require a short introduction to fungal infections, their diagnosis and treatment.  It is particularly aimed at clinicians in Microbiology, Infectious Disease, Haematology and Intensive Care.


Group size:

6-8 people


Course Content:

  • Overview of Fungal Infections (1 hr: Lecture)
    •  A review and overview of the range of infections caused by fungi, including superficial, subcutaneous and systemic disease.  Diseases covered include superficial infections, aspergillosis, candidosis, mucormycosis and endemic mycoses.
  • Current Issues in Fungal Diagnostics (1 hr: Lecture)
    • This session looks at the various methods used for diagnosis of mycoses, and the issues associated with them,  including newer recently introduced methods.
  • Introduction to Antifungal Drugs (1 hr: Lecture)
    •  The various antifungal drugs in common use are reviewed, including the mode of action, spectrum, licenced indications, toxicities and recommendations in various treatment guidelines.
  • Laboratory Aspects of Antifungal Drugs (1 hr: Lecture)
    • An overview of  the use and interpretation of antifungal susceptibility testing and the role of therapeutic drug monitoring when treating patients with fungal infections.
  • Diagnostic Scenarios (1hr: Interactive Discussion)
    • This session will examine various diagnostic scenarios including interpretation of laboratory results and diagnostic pathways.
  • Case Studies (45 mins: Interactive Discussion)
    •  Case studies looking at decision making in managing patients with invasive fungal disease



Various dates throughout the year



Various venues throughout the year


This course is usually sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. Contact me if you would like to either sponsor a course or attend.



If you are interested in attending the course, please email Dr Ruth Ashbee or phone 07532 307357 for further details of venues and dates.


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